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» Artificial Life

Artificial Life Software

» Assessment Systems Corporation

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Item Banking and Computerized Testing

» The Johns Hopkins University

An Introduction to Common Lisp by Marty Hall

AI Programming at the Kossiakoff Center by Marty Hall

» Keypress by Denis Pelli :


Life Science Associates

The Live Artificial Life Page

» Mindmedia :

The Human Self-Improvement Software

» National Instruments :

InstrumentationWeb (LabVIEW etc.)

» Psych/Lab (TM) 

Software is provided at this site that enables individuals to perform classic human cognitive experiments. 

» PsychDef 

 "At the heart of PsychDef is a database of over 250 terms in  common use by behavioral health specialists. Each term is  associated with a pithy definition and illustrative clinical  example. The objective is not to exhaustively define each term  but to give the beginner a "hook" on which to hang deeper
understanding in the months and years to come." 

» Psychology Software Tools : 

Advanced Solutions for Psychology Research and Education

» Shrinktank 

 This site provides the opportunity to download over 100 files. The  programs span many psychological topics. 

» Oxford University : 

3D and SIRDS Images by Jonathan Bowen
Vern's SIRDS Gallery

Society for Computers in Psychology

» Stanford University

Statistics on the WEB

» University of Bremen :

SimRobot - 3D kinematic Robot Simulator

» University of Michigan :

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department

Dr. Luke Tierney

» University of North Carolina :

Dr. Forrest W. Young

ViSta : The Visual Statistics System

» University of Sunderland :

 SUGAL(SUnderland Genetic ALgorithm system) Genetic Algorithms Library

» University of Vienna :

Artificial Intelligence Software Package